Testing Environment Creator

Easily and swiftly create a fully customized SharePoint testing environment from scratch by automatically generating unique and diverse SharePoint content and elements at any and all hierarchy levels.

Select from among numerous architecture templates, then simply define the type and quantity of content to be generated within each level of the test environment. SharePoint TEC takes care of the rest, by auto-populating an environment in which to test your proposed architecture and activity. Free up valuable SharePoint build-out time by allowing administrators to focus on optimizing platform design and performance.

  • Fast and precise test SharePoint environment creation allows for extensive testing of candidate architectures, solutions, features, and policies without compromising the health of your production environment

  • Customize your test environment to mimic your production environment, ensuring accurate and practical test results

  • Upload customized or random (automatically-generated) content on the site collection, site, list, folder, and item-level to quickly build out your SharePoint testing environment

  • Customize the quantity and type of items populating the environment generate with a single click, evenly dispersing content, or creating greater loads in particular areas

  • Upload a documents and files randomly from any source folder to ensure a diversified content field that closely resembles typical production inventories

  • Select from among numerous content templates to be used at the site collection, site, list/library level to ensure high resemblance to your candidate production environment, or allow SharePoint TEC to randomly assign templates, ensuring a greater diversity to achieve the highest quality of test results.

Run diverse SharePoint usage simulations with Usage Simulator to obtain multiple performance reports on various activity scenarios. By analyzing simulations, gain insightful information about network performance to help better plan for future scaling and planning.

Configure your usage simulation via the graphical Usage Simulator tool. Simply enter the DNS server, host name, and a valid user name and password, then configure ‘Work Stations’ to simulate several remote locations accessing or creating content in SharePoint. Each configurable ‘Work Station’ represents a unique IP address, and can have any number of users associated with it.

  • Perform key usage analysis to better diagnose any potential network limitations based on user actions

  • Monitor SharePoint network performance in real-time with comprenhensive metrics tools

  • Simulate multiple remote access points and/or content creation events in SharePoint

  • Specify the number of virtual users’ accessing or contributing content in from various work stations representing remote locations and/or IP addresses, so testing closely resembles expected SharePoint usage by location

  • Customize virtual worker attributes to simulate a diverse mix of customizable activities including document/list/site creation and access
  • Schedule automated intervals at which actions will occur, and allocate exact percentages to each action (access web or list, create list or document) to simulate fully customize SharePoint usage profiles and activity scenarios

  • Quickly configure your target SharePoint environment by entering the DNS server, host name, and a valid user name and password