Storage Optimization

The key to optimal SharePoint performance and productivity is efficient SQL storage management. Storage Optimization solutions provide the tools you need to keep your SQL resources optimized with intelligent archiving, real-time BLOB offloading, and migration-free SharePoint connectivity to file share content.

  • Archiver,  Intelligent SharePoint Archiving, Seamless Content Access: Business-rule aware and on-demand archiving of dormant content with unfettered end-user access to all archived content


  • File Share Document Connector, Migration-Free Delivery of all File Share Content: Connect any network or cloud file share directly to SharePoint, for seamless presentation and management


  • File Share Multimedia Connector, quick, migration-free streaming of file share audio and video files via SharePoint: Present audio and video files stored in network file shares, FTP data sources, and cloud storage resources via SharePoint, bypassing the WFE for faster delivery and reduced burden of storage


  • Extender (FREE), offload BLOB content to Disk Storage for Optimal SQL Performance: Extend SharePoint storage beyond SQL to improve performance and increase scalability