Project Management

Keep your project team, stakeholders, and management up-to-date on the status of all your projects from a single SharePoint page.
Don't waste one more minute compiling project data for reporting.

The SharePoint Project Portfolio Dashboard provides you with a simple view of the progress, health, and risk level of a single project, or the projects in your entire project portfolio. Automatically show your existing individual project summary data from multiple sites in the Project Portfolio Dashboard. Project Managers can quickly communicate project status, cost, and budget information for each project using any combination of configurable status indicator lists, issue meters, bar or pie charts, and Gantt view widgets.

Project Managers can also display project charters and executive summaries side-by-side with the charts and graphs, providing a single, centralized location for stakeholders and management to get project descriptions and status. All of the graphs, charts and other summary information needed to track critical projects is automatically compiled and displayed in a customizable dashboard layout.

The SharePoint Project Portfolio Dashboard lets you decide what to track, and how to display it, giving stakeholders and managers better, more up-to-date visibility into projects, without requiring project managers to spend time and effort manually compiling charts and reports.

See more. Decide accurately. Manage effectively!

Project One Shot is a unique add-on that integrates the capabilities of Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft SharePoint to give an "at a glance" project overview.

Project One Shot is particularly useful for executives who need to view project status in an easy to understand, efficient manner. Executives can stay abreast of the project progress, avoid delving into unnecessary details but at the same time still have access and the ability to drill down to the more information when/if it becomes necessary to step in and problem-solve.

Project Managers become empowered as One Shot enables more adept management with easy tracking of key project milestones. Project gates and major milestones become clearly visible in the project workspace.


Project One Shot encourages team work and collaboration, enabling team members to visualize and communicate project schedule, stay updated /update project managers on project difficulties and delays, progress and successes.

The Business Need

Project One Shot web part provides project managers and executives with a clear-cut, effective method to monitor and control large-scale projects, without being overwhelmed by details. Project One Shot 2007 is aimed to:

  • Improve the visibility of project's milestones in the project workspace.
  • Show a portfolio of key projects in one view.
  • Offer an immediate display for executives to understand the project progress and status.