NEOVAS provides development techniques needed to do to get a Sharepoint solution up and running. Unlike many other development projects, you don't usually start by firing up Microsoft Visual Studio. In some scenarios you can get an entire business solution up and running without ever writing any custom code.This is quite different from developing directly on the ASP.NET platform by itself where you need Visual Studio to put together the simplest site.

The philosophy helps you begin building a business solution with an assemble-and-configure mentality. Once you determine the features and services you want to utilize, you can create a new  site and do as much "development" as possible simply by configuring services through browser-based administrative pages. If you are going to succeed at building Sharepoint based solutions, it's important to embrace this assemble-and-configure mindset.

  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Authentication
  • Business Data Catalog
  • Developer Best Practices
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Enterprise Search
  • Excel Services
  • InfoPath Form Services
  • Migration and Upgrade
  • Web Content Management
  • Web Parts
  • Workflow