Data Protection

Intelligent, Enterprise-Strength Backup and Recovery

  • Automatic classification of content according to business importance and usage activity via the Business Criticality Matrix—more critical content is automatically associated with more aggressive backup schedules

  • Template Builder for defining reusable, color-coded backup schedules to maintain consistent coverage across your entire SharePoint environment
  • Centralized browser-based interface (integrated with Active Directory) supports and integrates ALL your SharePoint environments
  • User interface delivers “point & click” tree-mode simplicity to backup and recovery
  • Full, incremental, and differential backup capabilities for selective SharePoint farm components enable customers to build backup plans and schedules that focus on frequent backup of high priority data, improving backup operations and storage efficiency
  • Auto-Coalescing of Incremental Backups into Full Backups enables storage optimization
  • Backup to centrally managed tiered storage location with built-in encryption, compression, and pruning policies—integrate with EMC Centera storage to de-duplicate documents, further optimizing storage resources
  • Load balancing across all front-end web servers for efficient resource utilization
  • Password protection for safeguarding backup data
  • Manage email notification rules via email notification manager
  • Monitor real-time progress of any SharePoint backup or recovery processes
  • Centralized setup and configuration, software patch and license management, and user account management
  • SQL Mirroring provides true redundancy with optional High Availability module

Granular Content and Data Protection

  • Supports SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 environments (via DocAve v5), and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 (via DocAve 4.5).
  • Full fidelity backup and restore of all lists, libraries and items (including Events, Links, Tasks, Contacts, Announcements, Discussion Boards, Surveys, Issues, Custom Lists, Areas, Sub Areas, Portal Links, Workflow Definitions, Layout Templates, and Site Definitions, along with access permissions, metadata and version histories)
  • Backs up and restores SharePoint workflow definitions
  • Full fidelity item-level restore from Sharepoint, SQL Server, DPM, IBM-TSM, and HP Data Protector backups
  • Granular, item-level restore with sliding timeline view, along with full text keyword search and identification criteria mask search
  • Restore content to different SharePoint instances or locations, including file systems and networked file shares with "out-of-place restore" functionality
  • Manual and Automated Data Pruning feature helps manage historic SharePoint backup data and improve access speed to more recent backups
  • Data Coalescing feature allows collapsing incremental backups into one backup data set for easy retrieval.
  • Item-level "out-of-place restore" for complete hardware failure
  • Fast granular backup speeds, up to 60GB/hour

Comprehensive Platform Protection

  • Backup and recover entire SharePoint farms or selective components including all servers and back-end SQL databases with all configurations, Index/Job servers, as well as front-end IIS settings and file system resources
  • Quickly and selectively restore individual or a combination of farm components (content databases, web applications, SSP, etc.)
  • Safeguard front-end web server resources (IIS settings, Template files, user selected resources, local file systems, etc.)
  • Backup InfoPath form templates, Project Server content and Site Definitions
  • Support for SharePoint Features
  • Up-to-the-minute restore using SQL logs restoration
  • Leverages Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to ensure consistent point-in-time backups
  • Fast platform backup speeds, up to 100 GB/hour
  • Efficient data streaming via open standards, including VDI and VSS without staging location requirements