Compliance Archiving for SharePoint

  • Comply with confidence without limiting collaboration
  • Supports WSS v2, WSS v3, SPS 2003, MOSS 2007, and SharePoint 2010

Provide your organization a tool specifically designed to ensure prolonged storage of all your Microsoft SharePoint records in order to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. It assists in enforcing and monitoring organizational policies and procedures regarding appropriate usage, corporate governance and privacy by allowing easy discovery and review of your company’s SharePoint records. It does this without limiting end-user’s abilities to use SharePoint and to collaborate easily and openly.

  • Does not compromise SharePoint's performance: your Microsoft SharePoint deployment can be both the collaboration platform and the enterprise-level records management system that you need it to be.

  • Properly Manage and Control SharePoint Records Without Limiting Collaboration: Automatically stores copies of SharePoint records, including all metadata and usage and audit reports, in an immutable form. New content or changes to existing content in Microsoft SharePoint are automatically captured and the archives are automatically updated without the need for manual steps – all without end-user interruption.

  • Manage Records and Retention Policies: DocAve Vault allows you to set different retention policies for different records, and enforces these policies across archived content. It ensures that you are keeping copies of the records that you need, and that you are removing the records that you should.

  • Conduct Legal Discovery, Audit, and Review of Microsoft SharePoint Content: Conduct legal discovery, audit, and review of SharePoint Content. Advanced search features allow archives to be searched via an archive timeline, or by keyword, author, individual metadata field (including custom fields), across date ranges, by content type, and numerous other ways. Conduct random sampling, tag or add comments to items in the results, and export items with all metadata and audit information for further review. Search scope and criteria can also be saved, allowing you to easily conduct periodic searches to ensure compliance with even the most stringent regulatory criteria.

Compliance Auditing for SharePoint

SharePoint is a powerful and popular collaboration platform and digital repository. To meet compliance obligations and optimize platform performance, monitoring and auditing SharePoint access and user behavior is absolutely critical. We empower SharePoint administrators and managers to track and record all SharePoint interactions, including usage, search, and security changes. This vital information not only enables intelligent strategic planning, but also confident compliance with regulations and best practice protocols.

Allow SharePoint administrators and managers to track and record all SharePoint interactions, including usage, search, and security changes, and gain important intelligence from this information. And it works for all SharePoint 2003, 2007, and 2010.

Proactive SharePoint Compliance

Automated preventative compliance solution for your SharePoint deployment.

  • Deliver Proactive Compliance: Stop non-compliant events before they happen. Ensure that your Microsoft SharePoint environment remains free of malicious code, and profane, discriminatory, confidential, and other inappropriate content.

  • Optimize SharePoint Storage: Make sure that valuable SharePoint storage resources are dedicated to business-appropriate content at all times.

  • Centralize Content-Compliance Managemen: Handle all content verification tasks from one unified interface, fully integrated into Microsoft’s SharePoint Central Administration.

  • Confidently Handle Multi-Language Uploads: Multi-lingual enabled dictionaries lets you efficiently protect your deployment from inappropriate upload regardless of the content's language.