Our SharePoint Administration and Replication modules give organizations the agility and control they require to fully leverage Microsoft SharePoint for success.

Via a single interface, administrators can manage and synchronize their entire deployment, whether it be a single farm or comprised of hundreds of farms. It lets administrators easily view, search, manage, report, and replicate configurations, securities and content across all SharePoint assets.

  • SHAREPOINT MONITOR, Real-Time Discovery and Monitoring:Easy-to-use centralized interface to receive vital information about your SharePoint deployment.
  • SHAREPOINT ADMINISTRATOR, Truly Centralized Administration: Simplify management across multiple farms.
  • REPLICATOR, Real-Time Geo-Replication: Seamless replication of content, configurations or security settings across dispersed locations.
  • CONTENT MANAGER, Content Reorganization: Flexible, point-and-click content restructuring and management.
  • ARCHIVER, Off-load SQL Server Storage: Seamless rule-based archiving of items, lists, and sites, with full search support.
  • DEPLOYMENT MANAGER, Automated SharePoint Deployment: Effective automation of release operations for your deployment.
  • USER CLUSTERING WEB PART, Manage Users with Ease: Receive vital information about your users and groups.
  • SHAREPOINT ANTIVIRUS, Protect SharePoint from Mal-ware Threats:Comprehensive antivirus solution leveraging Symantec Scan Engine